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Electronic Commerce Strategies has made many friends over the years by exceeding our clients\\\\\' expectations and by delivering on our commitments. Feel free to ask them about us. Visit some of them today.

Strategic Partners

Align Financial Services Consultants

Bretton-Woods, Inc.


* Security First Network Bank (www.sfnb.com)

* Fidelity Bank (www.lionbank.com)

* Geogia Bankers Association (www.gabankers.com)

* Global Concepts, Inc. (www.global-concepts.com)

* Affinity Technology Group (www.affi.net)

* Bretton-Woods, Inc. (www.bretton-woods.com)

* Enterpulse (www.enterpulse.com)

* United Bank (www.accessunited.com)

* BellSouth (www.bellsouth.com)

* Firstar Bank (www.firstar.com)

* Collective Dynamics, LLC (www.coldyn.com)

* Prudential Bank (www.prudential.com)

* CTG (www.ctg.com)

* PricewaterhouseCoopers (www.pwcglobal.com)

* The Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta (www.fhlbatl.com)

* AnyTransactions, Inc. (www.anytransactions.com)

* HarrisonGray (www.harrisongray.com)

* Bank of America (www.bankofamerica.com)

* Trans Atlantic Systems, Inc. (www.tas-inc.com)

* TPAtlanta (www.tpatlanta.com)

* The Gerson Lehrman Group (www.thecouncils.com)

* The Roundtable Group (www.roundtable.com)

* CompuCredit (www.compucredit.com)

* Level 5 (www.level5.com)

* Align Financial Services Consultants (www.alignfsc.com)

* Bank Independent (www.bibank.com)

* Impact Media Solutions, Inc. (www.impactmediasolutions.net)

* Fiserv, Inc. (www.fiserv.com)

* Wieuca Road Baptist Church (www.wieuca.org)


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