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Electronic Commerce. E-Commerce. E-Business.

Just what are these terms? And what do they mean to your company?

First of all, no matter which phrase you choose to call it, electronic commerce is a whole lot more than just putting up a web site and accepting credit card orders.

E-business is not just a fad. It is about fundamentally changing the ways that you think about your business. Changing the ways you interact with your customers. Altering the ways you communicate with your employees. Turning your business processes inside out and making them work for you instead of against you. Or against your customers.

E-business is about using and sharing information to create an advantage.

E-business is about knowing your customers so well that you can anticipate what they want before they want it. It is about removing barriers that keep your business from growing. It is about destroying the Sales Prevention processes that have built up over time in every organization.

It is about marketing. It is about communications. And computing. And creatively combining all of these components into developing new ways of serving all of your constituencies.

Electronic commerce is about customer service! Electronic Commerce Strategies is about service too!!

Electronic Commerce Strategies is an e-business consulting firm that is dedicated to helping you answer these questions. We help companies leverage the Internet and the various technologies spawned by the Internet to create new business success stories, transforming how they interact with the world.

We have been helping others formulate and execute and implement e-business strategies for three decades. We were e-business before e-business was cool!

Let Electronic Commerce Strategies help you.






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