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GLG Scholar Consult with Me: Calvin Johnson



Electronic Commerce Strategies is prepared to assist its clients in turning their ideas into reality. Regardless of the company or the project, we think that the following 10 phases need to be part of an overall planning and development process. Electronic Commerce Strategies is available to participate in any or all of these phases, on either a short-term or long-term engagement basis. A brief synopsis of these phases and the areas in which we can contribute is as follows:

Concept Validation Phase Putting initial ideas down on paper, researching alternative solutions, testing them for applicability in the market, and beginning to formulate strategic options
Strategy Assessment Phase Turning the ideas and the business concepts into a documented Business Plan utilizing the unique background and contacts of the consultant in assisting the client in developing executable business strategies with the highest possible potential for success
Technology Planning Phase Researching and evaluating various technological alternatives, providing financial analysis of these alternatives, documenting the technology hardware, software, & network inventory needed to execute the Business Plan
Systems Design Phase Preparing the Business and Systems Requirements documentation necessary for software developers to turn the concept into functional software including developing a High Level Design document to be used in evaluating development proposals and working with the software developers on a Detailed Design document to ensure proper understanding of the goals of the end product
Software Development Phase Serving as the eyes and ears of the client in overseeing the efforts of the software developers to ensure that no dissonance between the Requirements Documentation and the end product occurs
Testing & Systems Integration Phase Developing, documenting, and executing test plans to ensure that the end product meets all user functionality and design requirements, ranging from unit testing of individual software modules to systems integration and end-to-end testing, including developing controls for error and exception processes
Implementation Phase Overseeing the actual beta test process in the "live laboratory" environment, documenting any changes needed, and managing the change control process
Operational Phase Assisting the client in on-going, day-to-day operations of the entities created as a result of this development process, including the potential the development of business organization, a data center, a call center, or even a service bureau to offer and to support the products and services that result from this project
Marketing Phase Assisting the client in developing marketing strategies to take the resulting end product to the marketplace to fully capitalize on the expertise developed during the course of this project
On-Going Relationship Phase Participating with the client in a variety of future business endeavors, either on a short term contract basis or on a long-term employment basis as best fits the situation after the successful completion of the initial engagement and project implementation

While there is an established hierarchy and chronology involved in the phases of any complex technology development endeavor, there will be some overlap as the project evolves from one phase to another. Having consistency in Project Leadership, both from management and from outside consultant support is key to the success of these kinds of project engagements. Being Six Sigma Certified, we have the experience and know how to manage your project teams and to deliver to you the kind of quality results you deserve.

The management team of the client, its board members, and its investors must take ownership of this process, while the role of the consultant will be to assure the soundness of any recommendations and to provide implementation assistance as requested. Electronic Commerce Strategies is uniquely qualified to perform these functions for its clients. Let us hear from you today!







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