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Electronic Commerce Strategies has been privileged to work with a wide range of clients on some very interesting and exciting projects. Here are some of the areas in which we have been called upon to advise and to participate:

Assisted Major Multi-Media Client in evaluating various strategic options related to entering the OnLine Financial Services Industry through establishing an Internet Bank and deploying Interactive Kiosks
Designed Web-Based Remittance Processing and Cash Management Services for HealthCare Industry Practitioners
Evaluated Internet Banking Software Platforms for Top 15 Multi-Bank Holding Company
Researched Secure Transaction Processing Services for Virtual Mall Developer
Developed Electronic Commerce Strategic Plans for a major telecommunications firm, including implementing Internet Banking and Web Hosting Services for large regional Multi-Bank Holding Company
Designed an integrated Telephone Banking Operation for a large community bank including Call Center, Voice Response, Customer Contact Management, and Computer-Telephony Integration Systems
Designed and installed an Intranet-based Consumer Loan Decisioning and Fulfillment System for the Call Center and Branch Platform Operations of a multi-billion dollar thrift institution
Designed a Browser-based Desk Top Decision Support System for the Dealer Finance Division of a major money center bank for installation in the Finance and Insurance offices of automobile dealerships
Developed and implemented core consumer banking products and customer service operations including telephone systems, Interactive Voice Response, and a Call Center for the world’s first totally Virtual Bank delivering retail banking services over the Internet, serving as Chief Technology Officer and Director of Operations
Served as President of the Electronic Banking subsidiary of a large regional bank with responsibilities for identifying and developing market opportunities for new sources of fee-based revenues in areas such as ATM Deployment, Supermarket Banking, Debit Cards, Merchant Point-of-Sale Services, and Home Banking

Here are some examples of our past work:

Internet Banking Business Case Executive Summary

Banking & Telecommunications White Paper

Banking Connections Newsletter

Community Banker Magazine Article

Bank Account Value Analysis

Internet Banking Portal Concept Presentation (MS PowerPoint Required)

Let Electronic Commerce Strategies assist you in developing new ways to process your business transactions and to serve your customers better. Choose an advisor who can truthfully say:

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