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The following transcript is excerpted from a recent broadcast from the ABC (Andromeda Broadband Constellation) News Department. This broadcast was received throughout the Milky Way Galaxy over a variety of GalaxyCom-enabled media, including DT, Inc.’s Wristband Personal Communicators, Jetson Corporation’s Integrated Transport Windshield Monitors, and REM’s Subliminal Sleep-State Storage Systems (pioneering the latest in Saturn S5 technology). GalaxyCom is the universe’s largest telecommunications provider and is the result of recent mergers of AT&T, MCI/WorldCom, Sprint, and the few remaining Regional Bell Operating Companies brought back together during a heated shareholders’ proxy battle championed by the spirit apparition of Judge Harold Greene.

"Good evening, I am cryogenically preserved Hugh Downs, and this is 20/20—not just the television news program, but also the year 2020!!

Tonight we want to take a look at the some of the recent developments taking place in the inter-galactic financial services industry.

First, from Planet Earth, now popularly referred to as Helios+3, tomorrow will bring us the introduction of the first truly global currency standard to be used worldwide. Following over two decades of successful assimilation of the Euro throughout economic systems in the Western Hemisphere, The World Bank will be rolling out the much-heralded Terra. Unlike all previous forms of monetary units, the Terra will exist in only electronic form, ranging from being stored on Personal Valuation Cards (PVC’s, popularly called Plastic) to Cyber Procurement Units (CPU’s) for Internet-based Electronic Commerce. In the United States, the Terra will replace those dirty old paper dollars used in mattress stuffing, thus forever severing all ties to the historically debated Gold Standard of the previous millennium. Counting on his fingers, Fed Chairman Allen Greenspan, a fellow cryogenarian, enumerated 17 ways that digital currency would enhance the payments systems and concluded that Woodrow Wilson could have had a lot more impact utilizing 21st Century biotechnology developments.

In a related story, the US Treasury Department finally revealed that Fort Knox never really existed and that the past fifty years of unprecedented economic growth had been fueled by the myth that the US Government really held gold assets to back up its paper currency! "We sure fooled you guys into thinking we had any control of monetary policy," chuckled Mr. Greenspan as he boarded his personal Space Shuttle for an extended vacation at his resort on Jupiter.

Finally tonight, we have news on a study about the evolving efficiencies of the banking system. From a universe of over 15,000 US banks in the 1970’s to less than 20 world-wide banks just a few years ago, the industry has now embraced both technological and regulatory change that has increased the number of financial institutions to almost 500 billion! Yes, now every household on this planet and elsewhere possesses the capability to operate its own bank branch in the comfort of its own living quarters. Financial services are purchased via auction over sites enabled by technology from GalaxyCom Internet Banking Services, Inc. Community banking has indeed survived, and has taken its ultimate form—a community bank charter in every household, thus recognizing that personal one-to-one customer service, not the commoditized banking products offered universally, is the true differentiation factor in today’s banking world. Community banking really does mean convenience after all.

Thank you for watching, wherever you are. For 20/20, this is Hugh Downs, saying, thanks to GalaxyCom, we are in touch, so you be in touch."



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