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Electronic Commerce Strategies is an e-business consulting firm with Six Sigma Certified leadership that assists its clients in discovering new ways of doing old things. More efficiently. More economically. And with better results in the marketplace. Sometimes we end up creating entirely new products, new services, new delivery channels. Or even an entire new industry.

We were one of the co-founders of the world’s first Internet Bank, thus establishing the Internet Banking Industry. Utilizing this unique perspective, we have been able to help companies leverage the Internet and the various technologies spawned by the Internet to create new business success stories, transforming how they interact with the world.

But long before there was this thing we know as the Internet, we have been involved in changing how business and customers interact with each other. Over the past 30 years we have been leaders in such initiatives as:

  • Developing some of the first ATM, Check Guarantee, and Point-of-Sale Programs over 25 years ago
  • Implementing Georgia’s first Telephone Bill Payment and PC Banking Services over 15 years ago
  • Drafting the Operating Rules for Georgia’s original shared Electronic Funds Transfer Network
  • Introducing Supermarket Banking with in-store cash machines, POS terminals, and mini-branches
  • Creating and managing Georgia’s largest ATM Network and turning it into a $10 million a year enterprise
  • Evaluating, purchasing, and installing an entire new Electronic Banking system involving a fault-tolerant front-end processor, new applications software, new ATMs, and multiple EFT network links
  • Drafting successful Electronic Banking Legislation related to Debit Card Fraud, ATM Lighting Standards, and ATM Convenience Fees
  • Developing Cash Management, Remittance Processing, and Bill Payment Services through Merchant Terminals in retail sites and through Screen Phones in the home
  • Implementing multiple integrated telephone systems, Call Centers and Interactive Voice Response solutions for enhancing Customer Service
  • Foreseeing the evolution of Internet-based Financial Services by creating the first totally virtual bank

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